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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law & Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Litigation
A major share of my practice deals with real estate litigation and real estate transactions. I have a diverse client base and have handled a large number of real estate cases ranging from unlawful detainer actions to real estate transactions gone awry. As my resume indicates, I teach Real Estate Law to real estate agents, brokers and licensees as part of their continuing education clock hour requirements.

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Below I have included a few examples of real estate litigation types I have dealt with.

• Unlawful Detainer Actions

• Quiet Title Actions

• Foreclosures

• Adverse Possession

• Easements

• Boundary Disputes

• Earnest Money

• Purchase and Selling Price Terms

• Real Estate Contract Disputes

• Land Use and Zoning Litigation

• Landlocked Property

• Eminent Domain

• Surveyor Liability

• Appraiser Liability

• Real Estate Broker Liability

• Real Estate Commission Disputes

Real Estate Transactions
Generally, real estate transactions do not lead to litigation. However, much litigation could be prevented by consulting an attorney before entering into any agreements. This is why I have instituted the Quick Question Hotline© to help my clients prevent unnecessary litigation and to save them money. However, if you did not use this resource, a deal fell apart due to unforeseen circumstance or you have to evict a tenant it will become necessary to hire an attorney that can competently handle your problem. Thus, besides my hotline I also represent many clients during more complex real estate transactions. Drawing on my experience in teaching real estate law and my experience gained as an attorney, I am able to represent a client regarding any real estate transaction.

This would include:

• Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions

• Representation of purchasers or sellers throughout a real estate transaction.

• Drafting or reviewing of real estate contracts or purchase and sale agreements.

• Preparation or review of a residential or commercial lease agreements.

• Ensuring compliance of any transaction with local, state and federal laws.

• Advising clients of tax consequences of any real estate transaction.

• Vacant Land Purchases

• Title Searches

• Review of Deeds

• Advise clients of financing instruments.

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